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When Cyndi Craven created our website, three things especially impressed me:

– Cyndi listened, really listened to what we said about our needs and our audiences. It was clear she had the background to put what we said into proper perspective.
– As she began to develop our site, her follow-on questions let us know she understood what we wanted, and was resolving the inevitable conflicts in our requirements.
– Cyndi’s initial design met our every specification, and the website’s graphics were spot-on for our audiences.

Congregation members who tested our new site gave us exactly the feedback we wanted to hear: They very much liked both its presentation of content and design, and the site was altogether user-friendly.

What more could we ask? And, as Cyndi has maintained and updated our site – advising us, adding new features and capabilities – her work continues to be exemplary. In addition, she’s great to work with as a person and as a consultant. I recommend Cyndi Craven for your web needs, without reservation.

Br. Shankara

Resident Minister, Vedanta Center of Atlanta