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Cyndi Craven

Cyndi Craven

WordPress'er & Cat Concierge

Aside from all things WordPress’y, I also enjoy singing, playing guitar and ukulele and short walks to the kitchen for another cup of coffee.

My clients and I have a lot in common. We’re small business owners, non-profit managers, creative professionals. Working in the same arenas as the people I serve gives me ongoing insight into their needs and concerns since they’re my own as well.

I’ve been creating websites and successfully building online presence since 1996. I specialize in designing and building fast, secure, mobile friendly, SEO optimized, highly updatable WordPress websites. Need hosting, maintenance, or web site and social media management? I’ve got you covered!

Bottomline, I enjoy providing people with what they need to grow, flourish, and prosper on the web. Take a look around my website and if you like what you see, please contact me. Let’s grow something together.

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What my clients are saying…
Cyndi really listened to what we said about our needs and audiences. Her initial design met our every specification… the website’s graphics were spot-on for our audiences. As Cyndi has maintained and updated our site — advising us, adding new features and capabilities, and managing our weekly newsletter and social media — her work continues to be exemplary. I recommend Cyndi Craven without reservation.
Br. Shankara

Resident Minister, Vedanta Center of Atlanta

Cyndi is a delight! She is creative, professional and flexible – and fun! Cyndi was willing to teach me how to update my site and also helps me to keep improving it as well as working with me on FaceBook, YouTube and other ways to connect with online possibilities. I love Cyndi’s design work, sense of color and line. I enjoy working with her and would highly recommend her!
Julie Austin

Children's Musician & Early Childhood Educator, Julie Austin Music

For a lot of years Cyndi has built and helped me maintain my website and Facebook. She has reconfigured my website a number of times, making improvements and allowing me and my manager to embed it with calendars, videos, and dinglebobs. All of the entities – web, email, Facebook, etc – work across platforms like a dream. I do not know what I would do without Cyndi!
Andy Offutt Irwin

Storyteller, Humorist, Musician, Educator, Songwriter, Show-off, Andy Offutt Irwin

I continue to get calls all the time from potential students, and when I ask how they heard of me and “why did you chose me over another Teacher?” time and time again I hear the words “because of your website!”

Cyndi created a soulful, colorful, joyful, informative, “smart” website that has served me so beautifully. I tell you — she is the sole reason I am still in practice!

Catherine Dunne

Voice Teacher, Voice with Catherine

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Cyndi Craven (R)

Cyndi Craven (R)

Chief Designer & Dish Filler

Sita Pretty Paws

Sita Pretty Paws

Purresident & CEO

Bodhi 'Ski' Meowski

Bodhi 'Ski' Meowski

Creative Director

Mozzie 'The Moz'

Mozzie 'The Moz'

Security & Crowd Control

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